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Gallery, Café & Bistro

Stuart and Sarah are delighted to welcome you to their Cafe, Gallery & Bistro on the beautiful Chatsworth estate


Stuart and I are a husband and wife team that have recently taken over the Smithy. We have lots of new and exciting plans for the year ahead, and we hope they excite you as much as they do us.

Firstly we have changed our name from ‘Tearooms’ to ‘Gallery, Cafe & Bistro’ as we believe this represents more of what we are about. Not only do we offer wonderful smiles, a warm welcome and wonderful smells from the kitchen, but we also give you plenty to see on the eye.

gallery_wide shotWe would like to present to you ‘The House Of Ugly Fish’ artwork created by my father and stepmother. We have already implemented this into the shop area, and we have already received lots of fantastic feedback. You really do get a burst of colour as you walk into our beautiful cafe. The shop will grow and grow in artwork, from gifts to buy for family and friends, to having a work of art on your walls at home. We really have got something for everyone.

We have also been given permission to open three nights a week, and this will be in our longterm plan at The Old Smithy.

Some of you who have been before to The Old Smithy, may not have been aware, that there is a secret garden at the back of the building. We intend to open it for next summer 2016, to generate even more outside seating.

We will always strive to move The Old Smithy forward, making sure we are always doing the very best we can!

We hope you are able to visit us very soon and enjoy what we have to offer you!

Sarah Yates

It's A Wonderful Artisan Retreat

With its own secret garden at the back of the building! We will be opening this up for the Summer 2016 season.

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